Providing a dormitory

Hostel #18

    All foreign students for the period of study are fully provided with a dormitory. During the admission campaign, if necessary, applicants from other cities are also provided with a dormitory.

   On the territory of the University there are 20 dormitories, which are home to about 12 thousand people. students, 1400 of them are foreign students. Campus dormitories for their intended purpose are divided into 16 dormitories for singles, 3 family dormitories and 1 dormitory for compact residence of foreigners studying at the preparatory department.

    All dormitories are compactly located on the campus of the university, which is adjacent to the park area (Solomyansky district of Kiev).

   In dormitories for students there are working rooms for classes, sports rooms with appropriate equipment, buffets, etc.

     According to the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation (FEA) the dormitory of block type No. 18 (pictured), located at the address: Kyiv, vul. Borshchahivska St., 148.

      In block-type dormitories, the block consists of two rooms. Each block has a separate bathroom and shower.

     The cost of living depends on the number of students living in the room, because the cost of 1 square meter is taken as a basis. m of living space and is determined every year with the participation of the student trade union.

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     In family dormitories, rooms are made like one-room apartments.

     Each dormitory has buffets, working rooms where students have the opportunity to study, hold various cultural events and sports rooms for sports.

     On the territory of the campus there are: a student polyclinic, a student canteen for 1000 persons, a shopping and household center, pharmacies, shops, cafes, student clubs, children's and sports grounds, as well as a police and security department of the university. The campus has a local computer network with the ability to access the Internet, which is available in each of the dormitories.

     The settlement starts on August 25.

Extract from the Regulations on settlement and residence

3.9. The procedure for settlement to dormitories of students of the 1st year:

3.9.1. Settlement starts on August 25. For settlement it is necessary to arrive on the day indicated in the call to the settlement.

3.9.2. On the basis of a passport, certificate from the dean's office and a call to study, it is necessary to obtain a settlement order from the head of the dormitory and register with him and the dormitory passport (there must be a mark on the statement of permanent residence in the passport). The location of the passportist can be found at the head of the dormitory.

3.9.3. Undergo a medical examination in the student polyclinic of NTUU "KPI" on the street. Yangel, 18/2 (be sure to have a certificate with a mark on the passage of fluorography).

3.9.4. Military students must be registered in the military: in the military-mobilization department (1 building, Large physical audience); in the department of Solomyansky District Committee in Kyiv.

3.9.5. With a warrant, a mark from a doctor and a passportist (for military personnel — with a mark of the Solomyansky District Committee in Kyiv) it is necessary to contact the head of the dormitory for settlement.

3.9.6. In the dormitory conclude an Agreement (Contract) with the campus directorate for living in a dormitory, get acquainted with the "Internal Regulations in student dormitories NTUU "KPI", fire safety and pay for living at least a month in advance.

3.9.7. Get a pass to the dormitory in the pass bureau.

4.4. Settlement procedure:

4.4.1. The settlement is carried out from August 25 to September 25.

4.4.2. On the basis of a passport and a bypass letter, it is necessary to obtain a settlement order from the head of the commission for the settlement of the relevant faculty / institute.

4.4.3. With the order it is necessary to appear to the passportist of his dormitory.

4.4.4. Undergo a medical examination in the student's polyclinic NTUU "KPI".

4.4.5. Pay for accommodation — at the campus ticket office (group No. 6).

4.4.6. With a warrant, a mark from a doctor and a passportist, the root of payment for living should be contacted by the head of the dormitory for settlement (the dormitory number is indicated in the order).

4.4.7. Conclude an Agreement (Contract) for living in a dormitory and get acquainted with the "Internal Regulations in student dormitories NTUU "KPI" and fire safety in dormitories.

4.4.8. Extend the validity of the pass to the dormitory.

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