From year to year the request for our experts from business companies and organizations is much higher than the annual number of graduates. After all, the graduates of the Department of Electromechanics get thorough knowledge required to work in the sectors of generation, transformation, distribution and consumption.

     Since they work in the most responsible positions, providing fast enough career growth. The demand of our professionals is supplied by enterprises from such sectors as energy, transportation, robotics, medicine, and so on.

     The department is proud of its outstanding graduates, among them are widely known facilitators of academic science i.e. NAS of Ukraine A.K. Shidlovskii and H.H.Schastlyvyy, heads of science Ph.D. Professor I.M. Bohayenko, A.P. Adamenko, representatives of university research science Heads of Department, D.H.D, Professor T.P. Hubenko, A.V. Novikov, V.S. Rudenko, Y.A. Shumilov et al., Heads of famous enterprises, design institutes and design offie, electrical companies and industrial associations.

     The department works in tough cooperation with a number of leading educational institutions and enterprises of Ukraine and foreign countries.

Internship in the Department of Electromechanics

  1. Institute of Electrodynamics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv city.
  2. State Enterprise Institute "Quantum", Kyiv city.
  3. SE "Antonov", Kyiv city.
  4. PJSC "Kyyivenerhoremont", Kyiv city.
  5. "Cascade Kyiv HPS and HPSS PJSC “UHE".
  6. PJSC "Kyivenergo".
  7. JSC "Trust" Kyyivelektromontazh. "

Employment in the Department of Electromechanics

  1. LLC "Samsung Electronics UKRAINE COMPANY",  Kyiv city.
  2. SE "Antonov",  Kyiv city.
  3. State Visitor Messages Ukrenergomerezhproekt and research institutes,  Kyiv city.
  4. Tripoli TPP PJSC "Centrenergo."
  5. SE "Radiopribor" Zaporizhzhya  city.
  6. Kyiv branch of "AtomEnerhoSpetsZahyst."
  7. LLC "Control systems",  Kyiv  city.
  8. IR Oil and Gas Technologies LLC.  Kyiv city.
  9. PJSC "DTEK Krymenergo."