CHRONICLE of the Electromechanics Department of Igor Sikorsky KPI
(unique edition to the 100th anniversary of the department)

"The history of science and its past must be critically evaluated and compiled by each scientific generation"

Academician V.I. VERNADSKY

      100-year history of the first in Ukraine department of electromechanical profile, directly related to the history of KPI and the Faculty of Electrical Power Engineering and Automation of Igor Sikorsky KPI. Electromechanics, as a branch of physics, belongs to the field of knowledge of the interdisciplinary level, the variety of scientific directions and objects of which is constantly growing, and their practical use is constantly expanding.
     The anniversary of the department coincided with the pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19. Therefore, one of the most important and expected events, among a number of actions for celebration of the 100th anniversary of department in the conditions of quarantine, became an exit from the publishing of the scientific -reference edition: «ЛІТОПИС кафедри електромеханіки КПІ імені Ігоря Сікорського у подіях, фактах, іменах і фотодокументах (1920 – 2020)» / за заг. ред. проф. В.Ф. Шинкаренка. – К.: Середняк Т.К., 2020, - 92 с.»


     It should be noted that the Department of Electromechanics pays special attention to the study and coverage of the history of formation and popularization of its activities. Earlier such publications were published as: "The first department of electromechanical profile in Ukraine (to the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Department of Electromechanics NTUU" KPI "); "Creator of the national school of electromechanics" (to the 125th anniversary of the birth of O.O. Skomorokhov); (The first department of electromechanical profile in Ukraine, (Scientific news of NTUU "KPI", №1, 2001); "I.M. Postnikov, (to the 100th anniversary of the birth of I.M. Postnikov. Series "Famous names of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute"); "Innovative learning technologies at FEA" (Kyiv Polytechnic University, 2010, № 15), etc.
     The idea of the CHRONICLE project, its structure, general editing and decoration belong to the head of the department, Professor Vasyl Shynkarenko. The initiative of the head of the department was supported by the creative team of the editorial board and compilers consisting of leading associate professors of the department - Anna Shymanska, Mykola Reutsky and Vadym Chumak, and young scientists -assistants: Victoria Kotlyarova and Yevhen Monakhov, who made its editorial support at the stages of coordination and preparation for publication.
     The scientific-documentary publication systematizes and summarizes the main events and results of the 100-year activity of the Department of Electromechanics of the National Technical University of Ukraine " Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute". The pages of the CHRONICLE cover the history of formation, development and present of the first department of the electrical engineering faculty of KPI. The chronology of significant events and historical facts, which highlight the main activities and significant achievements of educational, scientific and innovative activities of teachers, graduate students and students of the department. The contribution of the current staff of the department in the training of highly qualified engineering and scientific and pedagogical staff in the field of electrical engineering is also reflected. The publication is addressed to a wide range of scientists, teachers, students and graduates, all who are interested in the history of electromechanics and higher technical education in Ukraine.
     Several generations of teachers, students, graduate students and graduates of the department became direct creators and authors of historical events, which were covered in the pages of the CHRONICLE.
    In fact, the CHRONICLE of the department became the first edition of such a genre as in KPI. Igor Sikorsky, and among higher education institutions of Ukraine, which reproduces the 100-year period of formation and development of organizational, scientific-technical, educational-methodical, and scientific-innovative components of activity, on the example of the main division of the university - its graduating department.
      The chronology of events of the CHRONICLE covers three interrelated historical periods of the 100-year activity of Electromechanics Department: 1920 - 1950. (period of formation); 1950 - 1991 (period of development); 1991 - 2020 (modern period during the independence of Ukraine). Each historical period is structured by a timeline with descriptions and comments of relevant historical events.
      On 92 pages (volume 174 MB) of the scientific-documentary edition in chronological order 116 articles are noted, which concretize in time and unfold in the thematic space the most important historical events and facts in the main activities of the department. Impressive list of personalities of the CHRONICLE, which covers almost 220 names, including biographical portraits of prominent founders, the names of faculty and support staff of the department, as well as the best representatives of student youth and well-known graduates of the department. These articles are illustrated with 168 color photographs, which contribute to the holistic and aesthetic perception of historical events recorded in time. The materials of the CHRONICLE are supplemented by a bibliographic list of published publications, which are devoted to the coverage of the history and popularization of the activities of Electromechanics Department. The presence in the articles of the chronicle of links to electronic media, allows the reader to obtain additional information directly from the original sources.
     The manuscript of the CHRONICLE was highly praised by official reviewers. In the review of Yuriy Kuznetsov - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Assoc. inventor of the USSR, assistant, employee of public education of Ukraine, assistant KPI lecturer, academician and vice-president of the NGO "NAS of Higher Education of Ukraine", professor of the department of machine design Igor Sikorsky KPI, emphasizes: "… The pages of the CHRONICLE reveal the deep history and glorious traditions of the Department of Electromechanics, multiplied by the results of the current staff of the department, which harmoniously combine the educational process with research and innovative developments of teachers and students in science and education. , was the discovery of the periodic table of electromagnetic elements (genetic classification), which, according to the scientific community, positions electromechanics at the level of such fundamental disciplines as chemistry, biology, crystallography, and number theory. The technology of genetic prediction and innovative synthesis of new electromechanical objects developed by the Department of Electromechanics is effectively used as a part of the newest innovative technologies of training of students of electromechanical and mechanical directions of KPI. This allowed to effectively combine educational, scientific, innovative and humanitarian components of the educational process. These achievements of the scientific school of the department testified to the emergence of new areas - structural and genetic electromechanics, with the brand KPI, in almost 200 - year evolution of electromechanics… ".
    Natalia Pisarevska, Director of the Igor Sikorsky State Polytechnic Museum at the KPI in her review, states: “… The chronologically organized and structured form of presentation of the CHRONICLE materials, and undoubtedly its meaningful part, perform the function of a source base for the organization of further research on the history of KPI, its faculties, departments and scientific schools, as well as for the organization of scientific research on the history of science, pedagogy and technology… Similar forms of research should be organized by the KPI Museum History Department transfer of completed materials on electronic and paper media to the Polytechnic Museum and to the NTL of Igor Sikorsky KPI … ».
      The first presentation of the CHRONICLE materials took place before its publication. In the mode of videoconference, Professor V. Shynkarenko congratulated the students on the beginning of the new school year and on the basis of the electronic version of the CHRONICLE materials, presented a video lecture dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the department.
     Timely publication of this format and quality, in the difficult conditions of reality, would be impossible without the sponsorship provided by the graduates of the department.
    We sincerely hope that the unique edition of the CHRONICLE will be interesting and useful for students and entrants, teachers, graduate students and researchers of faculties and departments of KPI, as well as for other related universities and NGOs, which will promote the glorious educational traditions of KPI.
    Those interested can get acquainted with the materials of the CHRONICLE in the libraries of the department and faculty, in the funds of the State Polytechnic Museum of KPI, scientific and technical library of KPI and the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky.