The genetic program  of a new class speciation of electromechanical Disintegrators and results of directed evolution

1. Fundamental system research ( Ph.D. in Engineering Science, prof. Shinkarenko V.F.)

  1. Genetic and structural  electromechanics;
  2. Genetic prediction in science and technology;
  3. Genetic taxonomy electromechanical energy converters;
  4. Deciphering the genetic programs and the creation of genetic banks innovations in electromechanics;
  5. Periodic generative systems in living and inanimate nature;
  6. Innovative technologies in university education.




Field mathematical models of powerful synchronous motors

2. Methods and tools for field analysis of electrical machines (Ph.D. in Engineering Science, Prof. Vaskovskyy Y.M.)

  1. Mathematical modeling and study of physical fields and processes in electromechanical energy converter;
  2. Development of methods for calculating the integral parameters, characteristics and modes of electrical machines based on the methods of the theory of the electromagnetic field;
  3. Development of synchronous and asynchronous turbine generators;
  4. Development of asynchronous traction motors controlled frequency;
  5. Modelling and asymmetric modes of asynchronous electric cars  study, including asymmetry parameters of the rotor;
  6. Research and development of electro-pulse power converters.


Ротор потужного турбогенератора


 Асинхронні двигуни

3. Dynamoelectric machine-valve dual power converters (Ph.D. in Engineering Science, A.P. Halinovskyy A.M.)

  1. Energy saving and contactless dual power machinery;
  2. Non-contact asynchronous turbogenerators and compensators;
  3. Dynamoelectric-gate transducers. Key ratios and calculation methods;
  4. Gate generators contactless synchronous machines and wind power plants;
  5. The starter-generator sets with slip rings and a non-contact version;
  6. Contactless controlled power;
  7. Multiphase phase shifter in excitation and control systems in vehicles dual power.


4. Energy saving technology and reliability of electric cars (Ph.D. in Engineering Science, A.P. Reutskyy M.O.)

  1. Low voltage motors reliability;
  2. Energy saving modes of operation of electrical equipment;
  3. Contraction of methods and tools for testing low-voltage electrical equipment.

5. Insulation of electrical machines diagnostic (PhD. Chumak V.V.)

  1. Insulation design control member of windings of electrical machines  during operation and maintenance;
  2. Violations diagnosis of possible isolation in interleaved cores.