Innovative developments
Department of Electromechanics


Purpose and scope

    For innovation centers and educational institutions of higher technical education, which train specialists in the educational programs of bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy in the field of knowledge "Electrical Engineering".
    The technology can be extended to interdisciplinary tasks, as well as related technical specialties and adapted for use in technical colleges and lyceums.

The main advantages of development

    The development is focused on the personalization of education and the harmonious combination of educational, scientific and innovative components in the training of highly qualified specialists.
    Technology provides effective interaction of cognitive mechanisms of thinking and professional intuition of the researcher with information and prognostic potential of genetic programs of technical objects and systems, which provides guaranteed innovative effect in the form of generating new ideas, hypotheses, synthesized series of structures and original technical solutions. The technology is maximally adapted to professional disciplines.

Demand in the market

    The International Federation of Education International estimates that the global market for innovative educational technologies is valued at five trillion dollars with the potential to grow to 6-7 trillion in the near future. The developed technology has an interdisciplinary focus and compensates for the shortage of higher education institutions in the methodology of innovative learning. Analogues of such developments in the field of technical sciences are currently absent.

The state of protection of intellectual property

    Received 4 certificates of registration of copyright to the work.


The main characteristics of the development

    The main components of the technology include: periodic generating system of primary elements; multilevel model basis; methods of definition, decoding and analysis of genetic programs; methods of structural prediction and innovative synthesis; means of visualization of knowledge and cognitive graphics; methods of interdisciplinary synthesis; methods of genetic taxonomy and construction of genetic banks of innovations and knowledge bases.
     The practical implementation of technology requires an appropriate level of scientific and methodological training and creative initiative of the teacher - researcher.

Development readiness

    Scientific, methodical, software and information support has been developed, which has passed scientific-methodical examination and long-term practical approbation in innovative design, invention and educational process.


Фрагмент керованої генетичної еволюції нових різновидів електричних машин, запатентованих аспірантами і студентами спеціальності за результатами генетичного передбачення (за останні 5 років)

A fragment of managed genetic evolution of new species of electric machines, patented by graduate students and students of the specialty based on the results of genetic prediction (for the last 5 years)


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